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MMS 2012 News: On-Demand retires post-show DVD set

For the first year in a long, long time the DVD set associated with the Microsoft Management Summit will not be available and shipped out to attendees after the conference, and it will also not be available for purchase in the Microsoft Store, as in years past.  Due to “Digital MMS”, all session decks and sessions recordings will be stored on and accessed from the MMS 2012 web site.

Welcome to the new world!

What is Digital MMS?

Link: MMS 2012 goes digital: LIVE streaming and On-Demand for attendees AND non-attendees!

Link: MMS 2012 On-Demand session Q&A


I know…a lot of you will miss the DVD set.  But, this makes a LOT of sense.  You can’t imagine the headaches (and cost) for producing the DVD set post-show.  Each year has seen it’s different issues getting the DVD produced and out the door.  Now, you can just stream sessions whenever you want.


Here’s a little retrospect.  Don’t tear up too much!

MMS 2008 MMS 2009 MMS 2010  MMS 2011

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  1. Will they at least create ISO’s for download?

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