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MMS 2012 goes digital: LIVE streaming and On-Demand for attendees AND non-attendees!

This year, not only will the keynotes by Brad Anderson be broadcast LIVE over the web but both attendees and non-attendees will be able to view select sessions (over 175 of them!) 48 hours after the live presentation!

Read more about Digital MMS:

Here’s the extra cool thing to go along with this…If you use the MMS 2012 live Twitter feed page, you can actually participate in the event sitting in your seat back at the office.

The MMS 2012 live feed:

To answer some questions that have come up since the On-Demand session viewing was announced:

Q: Is there a charge for the On-Demand sessions?

A: For those that have been asking already, there is NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE for the On-Demand sessions.  This also means that there is absolutely NO charge to non-attendees to watch the sessions 48 hours after delivery.

Q: Which sessions will be available for On-Demand?

A: ALL sessions will be available for On-Demand viewing.

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