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MMS 2012 closing party location trickles out

More info to come, but the MMS 2012 closing party will be here:

And, based on the location premise, there will be entertainment.  Why? Because, folks have constantly said that the best closing parties were those with entertainment (ESPN Zone with Los Lobos, House of Blues with Jim Belushi and Dan Aykroyd).


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  1. Oddly, the website for the club is blocked by my corp. proxy.

  2. I see why now; this is from a Yelp review: “the female staffers dressed up as sexy french maids”

  3. Whoa better pack an extra Ed Hardy T-shirt for that place…oh wait I dont own one.

  4. I can safely say a couple of things about this: 1: I won’t bother going. Not my style at all. 2: Do the planners know who is coming to MMS2012? Does a hip-hop nightclub with a dance floor (and a tiny one at that) seem like it matches with the demographic of IT people?

  5. Looks like I will be taking my $95 and looking for some other entertainment for that night 🙁 wow how hard is it for them to realize that 90% of the 5000 in attendance are guys and at least 50% are married. I have no desire to dance with a bunch of dudes or share my skittles…

  6. ok so i started looking for something to do with my skittles. here are some ideas…

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