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GPO / Windows

Migrating from FRS to DFSR

By Joseph Yedid

Recently I noticed that there were some errors in my OpsMan environment that needed my attention. After further inspection, it looked like I was having some GPO replication problems.

What was going on? First, I had to check to see which GPO or GPOs were being affected. In reviewing the Group Policy Management console, I discovered that some of the GPOs were not replicating because File Replication Service (FRS) was being used.

Since I no longer have any Windows 2003 DCs, the best course of action to resolve the replication issue was to migrate to the new Distributed File System Replication (DFSR), which by the way was introduced in Windows 2008.

Subsequently, after the migration was complete the GPO issue was resolved.

Full instructions can be found here.

Although the document is written for Windows 2008, it is also applicable to Windows 2012.


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