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Migrate Your SCOM GSM Tests to Azure Application Insights Before GSM is Shut Down

Migrate Your SCOM GSM Tests to Azure Application Insights Before GSM is Shut Down

As recently reported, Microsoft plans to shutdown Global Service Monitor (GSM) on November 7th of this year. As the company continues moving its customers to the cloud, features like GSM will begin to be left by the wayside and replaced with something more cloudy. In this instance, GSM is being replaced by Azure Application Insights.

Microsoft has now released a tool (PowerShell script) to help customers migrate their GSM-created tests from System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) to Azure Application Insights.

Download the tool: MigrateGSMToAI

Microsoft recommends that customers run this tool prior to the shutdown of GSM.

As of November 07, 2018, we will retire the Global Service Monitor and recommend our customers to migrate GSM tests to Azure Application Insights well before that date. The migration script will provision your tests with the same configuration in Application Insights as you have in GSM. The migration script will also provision alert rules based on what you are currently using in SCOM. This tool will create new Ping tests and Web tests in Application Insights. This tool will not impact customer’s SCOM GSM environment and GSM tests in SCOM will continue to work till November 7th 2018. Post November 7th 2018, we recommend deleting GSM MP from the SCOM server. If customers want to bring the Alerts data back in SCOM, they can use Azure MP.

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