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Midwest Management Summit Kicks Off in Just Over a Month

When Microsoft decided to end the Microsoft Management Summit (MMS) after an extremely successful 10-plus year run, the community that had been built around the event was left homeless. Microsoft promised to do a good job integrating MMS alumni into TechEd, but failed – even after soliciting boardroom feedback from MMS alumni in Redmond. Microsoft tried again with Microsoft Ignite this year, but that event seemed to be the nail in the coffin for many, forcing refugees to start looking elsewhere for adequately managed and deeper technical learning events.

Just off a fantastic IT/Dev Connections 2015, I’m looking forward to attending my first ever Midwest Management Summit in November. I was scheduled to attend last year for the inaugural event, but personal reasons kept me at home. I was sadly disappointed, and am extremely happy that my scheduled (both business and personal) is cleared for attending.

While IT/Dev Connections does offer Cloud and System Center content, the Midwest Management Summit is focused solely on this product area – focusing more on the topics that drove the original MMS. The event is capped at 600 attendees in an effort to ensure it’s a personal and rewarding experience.

I’ve literally attended close to 15 conferences this year and as you can imagine that can produce a sort of conference fatigue. Conferences tend to generally run together after a while. There’s very little difference in any of them. However, the way the Midwest Management Summit is structured, its different. Each session is developed to allow a presenter to deliver content, but then have discussion time directly after the slide deck is finished. It’s more like a User Group meeting than a conference session. So, with this in mind, I’m thoroughly excited to see how this works, and it will be refreshing to attend a conference that’s not the same mundane, cookie-cutter offering.

The Midwest Management Summit runs November 9, 10, and 11 at the Mall of America and, if you’re looking for deep-level content and discussions for technologies you’re working with currently, I hope to see you there.

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