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Windows 10

Microsoft’s Special Personal Files Recovery Tools is System Restore?

Microsoft’s Special Personal Files Recovery Tools is System Restore?

According to a user that took advantage of Microsoft’s promise to retrieve lost files due to the horrendously buggy Windows 10 1809 upgrade, Microsoft’s special tool to retrieve files is none other than the System Restore.

There is no special tool to download.

The Level 1 agents just tell you to run System Restore which relies on a restore point being created prior to the upgrade. Creating a restore point before upgrade is the default behavior, so it looks like if you have a restore point, you’re good to go.

The only cases where this will be broken is if you had previously manually disabled the system restore feature.

In that case, tech support escalates to L2 who can then do a variety of things including remoting into your system, seeing if backups exist, and potentially stepping through the NTFS file record restoration process. Success of this process relies on freed sectors of the HD not being overwritten so presumably this is the reason for advising folks to not use the system.

Shortly after removing all vestiges of the Windows 10 1809 upgrade from its websites, Microsoft gave the recommendation of halting using the affected device and giving the company a call. The Windows Insider leader also echoed this recommendation on Twitter during a trip back to Redmond.

Ironically, the whole Windows 10 1809 fiasco happened while Dona was out of town at a West Coast conference where she gave a keynote on How to Build Your OWN Insider Testing Program 

The keynote description is a hoot if you read it in relation to what happened this past week:

Many testers just don’t plain get listened to. Management doesn’t seem to listen despite you having a really good idea on how to reduce costs without reducing quality. How can a well-meaning tester act as an agent of change and change your corporate landscape? Dona is the Lord of the Rings at Microsoft where she co-creates the future of Windows with 10M + #WindowsInsiders all over the world. They are one of the biggest fan and influencer programs in the tech industry—one that helps shape the future of Microsoft technology every single day. She will guide you on how to create a fan and influencer program for your business and empower these members to be your first ring of defense against low-quality products. Come and hear the secrets of modern product testing and how YOU can emerge as the hero of your own story.

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