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Microsoft’s January Meltdown Patch Introduced Something Far Worse

Microsoft’s January Meltdown Patch Introduced Something Far Worse

If you haven’t patched this month, you may want to rethink your strategy and speed up the process a bit.

According to Swedish researcher, Ulf Frisk, when Microsoft attempted to patch against the Meltdown vulnerability in January, it introduced a new vulnerability that could potentially be worse.

Full details: Total Meltdown?

Though the new vulnerability was exposed in January it took until this month (March 2018) for Microsoft fix the hole.

Ulf says…

Only Windows 7 x64 systems patched with the 2018-01 or 2018-02 patches are vulnerable. If your system isn’t patched since December 2017 or if it’s patched with the 2018-03 patches or later it will be secure.

Other Windows versions – such as Windows 10 or 8.1 are completely secure with regards to this issue and have never been affected by it.

Microsoft has said it is looking into it.

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