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Microsoftie and myITforum’er, Tev Sanders, hits his 15 year anniversary

Tev has been a great asset, good friend, and valuable contributor to the myITforum community, so it’s our great pleasure to congratulate him on his 15 years of service.

Please join me in congratulating Tev Sanders on 15 years at Microsoft!

Tev Sanders

When he joined the company in March of 1997, there were only 16,000 employees. Tev has had many customer facing roles in his journey at Microsoft. He started in Charlotte, NC in supporting NT Server and later became the 6th ROSS/PFE engineer hired (now there are over 200+) and was on stage with Bill Gates when they were awarded team of the year in 1999. His first foray as an ATS was in Mid-Atlantic District where he covered Southern Virginia. Tev was one of the first Management/System Center TS hired in the world and later covered SMS for the entire US in both the NTT (National Technology Team) and for SLG. He served in SLG STU for several years before returning to his current role as an ATS covering the Southeastern US. Tev has seen lots of changes as a frontline field resource, including both SLG and System Center grow to be a billion dollar business.

When asked what are some of his best memories at Microsoft, he responded that "It has to be the people. The many wonderful people I have had the privilege of working with. The fantastic memories and hard work we have shared have made my career a very enjoyable journey." Tev has been very appreciative of his managers and the guidance they have provided. One interesting fact is that 75% of his former managers are still at the company. Another large part of his success could not have happened without the support his wife of 16 years, Kristi.

I would like to thank Tev for his 15 years of hard work, dedication and passion. We look forward to many more years of his contributions and making an impact.

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