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Patch Management / Patch Tuesday / Windows 7

Microsoft Yanks KB4039884 without Explanation

UPDATE: Microsoft has now released this update again: Its Back. Microsoft Re-re-releases KB4039884

The explanation is probably not needed at this point, but it would be a welcome sign to customers. Actually, a better “welcome sign” to customers might be that Microsoft takes its patching mechanism offline for a month or two to retool and revamp. We’ve been calling for this to happen for a couple years now as part of a new “trustworthy computing” initiative. The company is constantly releasing updates that have to be pulled or replaced because the original caused problems.

Such is the case with KB4039884. The update was intended to fix problems the company introduced through previous updates – but this one caused its own problems.

Microsoft has now removed both the download from the update catalog and also the associated KB article. If you’ve installed this update, its safe to uninstall and wait for something that works.


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