Microsoft Working with Hardware Vendors Over Bluescreens for Windows 10 Cumulative Update, Possibly Pulled CU

We reported earlier today about an issue with HP computers and Microsoft’s latest Windows versions, due to driver issues. However, reports have expanded to include some Dell systems, too.

A thread in the Microsoft forums shows a chat with online Microsoft support about the issue and suggests that Microsoft may have also pulled the cumulative update…

Agent: Actually HP computers are not the only product affected for this issue other computers as well like DELL etc. That’s why for now, we’ve temporarily paused the update for people who seek to check for updates, to investigate an isolated reported issue and will make it available for download again once ready.

Me: Ok, so this is known issue for 17763.55 cumulative update?

Agent: That’s correct and other issue has been reported as well but our higher level of support already working on it

The CU still shows up in Windows Update and WSUS, so maybe it just takes a bit for it to be removed as a reference in those locations.

If true, not only was Microsoft forced to pull the full Windows 10 1809 update due to bugs, its now having to pull a Windows cumulative update due to quality issues, too.

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