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Microsoft Tries Again with a New .NET Framework Patch

Microsoft Tries Again with a New .NET Framework Patch

About a week ago, Microsoft stopped distributing an update for its .NET Framework due to problems. The company recommended staying away from this patch and even uninstalling it. Then, a few days later, a new .NET Framework patch was delivered, but this one only covered older versions of Windows.

Now, a new .NET Framework patch is available, and Microsoft promises it contains fixes. The company says it includes quality and reliability improvements, but we’ve all heard this before.

Details on the new patch are available here: .NET Framework July 2018 Update

A recent survey of Microsoft customers by Susan Bradley, shows that customers are mad and fed-up with Microsoft’s patches and fatigued over new features that provide no business value. Some are going as far as considering other platforms to move away from Microsoft products.

Read about the survey here: An open letter to Microsoft management re: Windows updating

Here at myITforum, we’ve been calling on Microsoft to renew its Trustworthy Computing contract with customers and include better quality assurance with its patches. Will Microsoft heed the call? Or, has the company too far gone down the cloud path that it just doesn’t really care?

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