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Microsoft Takes Another Step in Exiting the Health Data Collection Industry

Microsoft stopped sales and development of its wrist-based Microsoft Band fitness device on October 3, 2016. There are many that still consider the Microsoft Band as one of the better devices available. If you check out Reddit, you regularly see folks posting that have stocked up on Band devices to have on hand as each device dies.

Just a couple years ago, it seemed Microsoft was tooling its resources and services to work in the health industry. But, with the Band now defunct, and old Band apps suddenly disappearing from the respective mobile stores recently, Microsoft seems to be working to exit the industry even further.

A new statement on the HealthVault web site says…

An update on HealthVault Insights

We launched HealthVault Insights as a research project last year, with the goal of helping patients generate new insights about their health. Since then, we’ve learned a lot about how machine learning can be used to increase patient engagement and are now applying that knowledge to other projects. As part of this progression, we’ve made the decision to remove HealthVault Insights from the iOS, Android and Windows stores effective later this month. This change will have no impact on the data users generated in HealthVault Insights, which will continue be accessible via the HealthVault website. Thank you for participating in our project. Please contact our support team if you have any questions.

For those wanting to store their health information in Microsoft’s resources, it looks like your history data will remain, but there will be no way (except for the website) to log new data.

As noted above, other apps that worked with the Microsoft Band have reportedly started also disappearing from the mobile app stores. For those still holding out hope that Microsoft might reinvest in a fitness app, service, or device – you should probably just move on.

The Microsoft Health Dashboard that is still used by Microsoft Band users is still functional, but a time is coming when even that will be inaccessible – most likely around October of this year (if not sooner).

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