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Microsoft Service Stack Updates Will be Recategorized as Security Updates so Customers Will Actually Install Them

Microsoft Service Stack Updates Will be Recategorized as Security Updates so Customers Will Actually Install Them

The confusion around the many updates that Microsoft delivers each month continues. But, the company is trying to hard to minimize the confusion – if it can’t simply fix the quality.

However, a new explanation from Microsoft, seems to suggest that the company has found a culprit for the many quality related complaints from customers about its monthly updates. In short, its the customers.

The culprit (at least for Windows 7 customers) is that many customers are skipping the Servicing Stack updates. These updates, Microsoft says, are designed to…

…ensure that you have a robust and reliable servicing stack so that your devices receive and install Microsoft security fixes.

So, without these installed, many security updates are being installed into a questionable updating environment. And, that’s a recipe for disaster – as many have experienced. Microsoft says that it tests updates against a known good configuration, but once made public, the company has no way of knowing what a customers computing environment looks like.

Microsoft has been marking these Servicing Stack updates as critical in the system, but customers have been apparently ignoring the label. Starting in October, these will be relabled as security updates. This, with the hope, that customers won’t ignore them.

Additionally, Microsoft will reissue the Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1) servicing stack update (KB 3177467) to make sure all customers are on the same operating level.

Extra details: Windows 7 servicing stack updates: managing change and appreciating cumulative updates

Interestingly, Microsoft ends the post by saying…

…we specifically addressed this complexity and exposure in Windows 10 with the cumulative update model. Today, we test each month’s patches against a known configuration of Windows 10 before we ship a release. Each update includes all the previous fixes necessary to bring a device forward to a fully patched and current state, provided it has the latest monthly update installed.

Yet, customers continue to complain about the poor quality of Windows 10 updates, too.

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