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Windows 10

Microsoft Seemingly Ignores Feedback Hub, Delivers Windows 10 1809 with Task Manager Bug Anyway

Microsoft Seemingly Ignores Feedback Hub, Delivers Windows 10 1809 with Task Manager Bug Anyway

UPDATE: As of Friday, October 5, 2018, Microsoft has now pulled Windows 10 1809 due to an overwhelming amount of reported bugs. See: Microsoft Removes Buggy Windows 10 1809 Upgrade

A reported problem with how Task Manager incorrectly reports CPU usage has been a known issue for Windows Insiders for weeks. However, despite the bug being a top reported issue in the Windows Insider Feedback Hub, it still made the cut for the public release of Windows 10 1809.

For some, it’s not a big issue. For others, of course, this is part of a larger problem that tends to get surfaced when things go wrong. And, it’s quite possible that this is the difference between relying on faulty telemetry data and listening to actual customers.

One Reddit user reports

Since no doubt it was on Feedback Hub for much longer – do they not “know” what’s going on on their Feedback Hub? Is Feedback Hub some sort of “screaming room” for users to vent their frustration while actual devs are safely isolated from it so they can work on new awesome features without “distraction”? Or was it “known” but simply not considered an “issue” since first reported? Can’t say I like the prospect of either of these possibilities.

Microsoft says a fix will come as part of October’s Patch Tuesday campaign, the first since Windows 10 1809 was made available.

Of course, the Task Manager bug is not a critical piece of Windows operations. Not like the currently reported problems with Intel audio drivers and HP Spectre laptops, which keep some from upgrading completely.

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