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Microsoft Seeks to Protect Chrome Users with New Windows Defender Browser Extension

Microsoft Seeks to Protect Chrome Users with New Windows Defender Browser Extension

Google’s Chrome browser continues to lead the market in web browsing apps. Microsoft, on the other hand, continues to struggle to get its Windows 10 users to use the built-in browser, Edge. But, the lack of customer acceptance hasn’t deterred the company in other areas like mobile or music – so why let this occasion break the bank? Additionally, the company continues to deliver its apps and services on other platforms like iOS and Android – and one has to wonder how many apps have to be installed before that device actually becomes a Microsoft device?

Microsoft is attempting a similar strategy now with Google’s web browser. The company has released a new Windows Defender Browser Extension for Chrome.  Microsoft has put serious effort into its backend security platforms and this new Chrome extension is a way to showcase those efforts. Defender provides real-time protection, connecting back to Microsoft’s own cloud services. Of course, one could also suggest that in this way Microsoft is also able to track Chrome browser usage or collect data to improve Edge over time.

Get it: Windows Defender Browser Protection

Protect yourself against online threats, like phishing and malicious websites, with real-time protection from Microsoft.

The Windows Defender Browser Protection extension helps protect you against online threats, such as links in phishing emails and websites designed to trick you into downloading and installing malicious software that can harm your computer.

If you click a malicious link in an email or navigate to a site designed to trick you into disclosing financial, personal or other sensitive information, or a website that hosts malware, Windows Defender Browser Protection will check it against a constantly updated list of malicious URLs known to Microsoft.

If the malicious link matches one on the list, Windows Defender Browser Protection will show a red warning screen letting you know that the web page you are about to visit is known to be harmful, giving you a clear path back to safety with one click.

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