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Microsoft Script Explorer for Windows PowerShell (pre-release) released

At it’s core, the Script Explorer for PowerShell is an offline search tool to help you locate PowerShell scripts across several different sources.


From the download page:
Microsoft Script Explorer for Windows PowerShell (pre-release) helps scripters find Windows PowerShell scripts, snippets, modules, and how-to guidance in online repositories such as the TechNet Script Center Repository, PoshCode, local or network file systems and Bing Search Repository


The download includes two components:

  • The Script Explorer Client Application (the main app), and
  • The Script Explorer Aggregation Web Service (a web component for scraping sources)

Two components to install

After installation, executing the app from the included program icon…

Microsoft Script Explorer for Windows PowerShell

…reveals a pretty slick interface.  Your can tailor your search just about any way you want, searching the local file system, utilizing Bing, scraping the TechNet Script Center, etc., etc.  You can also adjust the “focus” of the search, highlighting a specific technology that the located script is meant for, such as System Center, Exchange, Windows 7, et al.


If you store your local scripts on a network share, or any other location where the tool can’t find them, you can go into options and add another source:

Add a location


Download link:


What’s included in this release?

Since this is a pre-release (or beta) it’s important to know exactly what you’re getting with the installation.

  • Run Script Explorer as a standalone application or as a Windows PowerShell ISE add-on.
  • Search for Windows PowerShell scripts, snippets, and modules.
  • Get details from online repositories, network file system, and the local file system.
  • Search for how-to guidance from online repositories.
  • Select available repositories to refine search.
  • Filter based on technology or product.
  • See item details, including rating, author, script code, and source information.
  • Copy script, snippet code, or modules to the Clipboard, and insert them into the Windows PowerShell ISE.
  • Save script, snippet, or module to the local and network file system.
  • Download modules from TechNet Script Center
  • Browse scripts that are organized by following a categorized topology.
  • Explore community resources for getting started with Windows PowerShell.
  • Use options menu to configure path for local and network file system and also add/remove/modify focus areas.

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