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Microsoft Says It’s ConfigMgr Right-click Tools are Better

This community has taken the reins of creating right-click tools for years to solve some missing capabilities in System Center Configuration Manager. The right-click tools give administrators the ability to perform valuable actions directly in the ConfigMgr console, particularly when it comes to managing remote PCs. In the latest version of ConfigMgr, Microsoft is paying special attention to developing right-click tool functionality directly into the product.

A recent blog post (What’s New With ConfigMgr’s Client Notification Feature) explains some of the improved functions of some of the new tools.  Additionally, Microsoft explains how one of these new sets of tools work and how they have been architected to behave more responsibly on the network.

Microsoft says…

In a nutshell, clients communicate over TCP or HTTP every 15 minutes to confirm they’re still online.  Once an action is triggered using Client Notification, only clients that have reported back as “online” will be notified to begin an action.  This means that your infrastructure won’t be wasting resources trying to open up individual WMI connections to clients in order to trigger these actions.  Other tools that seem to perform these actions can be quite costly in terms of wasted resources, especially when targeting a large collection.    That’s why we would suggest using the out of the box tools whenever possible.

So, there you have it. Thanks to the community for hammering Microsoft enough over the years to get the product teams to see the value of right-click tools, and thanks to Microsoft for investing the time to ensure the tools work as good citizens.

There’s always room for additional functionality, though. And, this community never stands still. Wherever there’s a need, there will be a community-developed right-click tool. However, Microsoft is open to hearing about what’s missing. You can request new features at the System Center Configuration Manager Feedback User Voice site.

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