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Microsoft Rolls Out Lab as a Service in Azure

Microsoft Rolls Out Lab as a Service in Azure
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Setting up a hands-on lab environment for testing and other non-production activities has always been a key factor for ensuring success in an organization’s technical infrastructure. Lab environments are also used for training, delivering speaking sessions, demos – the list goes on and on. Over and above the cost of the hardware to supply these lab environments, they also cost extra to maintain.

Microsoft has now delivered Lab Services in Azure to help organizations and individuals create lab environments quickly in the cloud.

Easily set up and provide on-demand access to preconfigured virtual machines (VMs) to support your scenarios. Teach a class, train professionals, run a hackathon or a hands-on lab, and more. Simply define your needs and the service will roll the lab out to your audience. Users access all their lab VMs from a single place.

Since these are built based on Azure’s VM capabilities, lab users can also utilize the other VM functions such as templates, VM scheduling, provisioning to scale, invitations to others without a login requirement (imagine a full classroom setting in the cloud).

Check it out: Azure Lab Services

To access it in the Azure portal, go to All Services – DevOps – Lab Services

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