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Microsoft Responds to Silently Limiting OneDrive Capability

Yesterday we told you about a situation where file requirements had quietly changed for OneDrive customers. Specifically, OneDrive Now Requires Data Files from an NTFS-Formatted Drive.

This changed happened at the turn of the new month and customers have been irate. We reached out to Microsoft and the company has responded.

Microsoft OneDrive wants to ensure users have the best possible sync experience on Windows, which is why OneDrive maintains the industry standard of support for NTFS. Microsoft discovered a warning message that should have existed was missing when a user attempted to store their OneDrive folder on a non-NTFS filesystem — which was immediately remedied. Nothing has changed in terms of official support and all OneDrive folders will continue to need to be located on a drive with the NTFS filesystem.

The response is…interesting. Microsoft seems to suggest that this has always been the case, just that the warning message was missing and is new. However, the file system has never been a problem for customers until the warning message started appearing. They have always been able to use other file systems including ExFAT and ReFS. So, something has definitely changed – not just an errant warning message.

Someone is not being completely up front.


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