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Azure / Linux / PowerShell

Microsoft Replacing Windows with Linux for PowerShell in the Cloud

Microsoft Replacing Windows with Linux for PowerShell in the Cloud

Some saw this coming all along, but others thought it just wouldn’t happen. Microsoft is a Windows company, right?

PowerShell for Azure is going all Linux, based on PowerShell Core 6.

To ensure the best command-line tools experience while using Azure Cloud Shell, the PowerShell experience will be switching to a Linux container running PowerShell Core 6. This change will enable a consistent toolset experience across the PowerShell and Bash experiences in Cloud Shell.

According to the announcement post, this will also help improve PowerShell performance.

And, about Windows…

In Azure Cloud Shell, there will no longer be a Windows-based experience. Since most of the operations from Cloud Shell happens against some service endpoints and there is little to no need to manage things in the underlying OS, swapping of the underlying OS should have minimal impact. Cloud Drive will continue to be available across both experiences and serves as the best place to save your work.

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