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Microsoft Rep Says Won’t Fix IE11 Printing Problem Introduced in Security Release

UPDATE: This issue has now been resolved. See: The Fix is in for IE11 Printing Problems After June Security Update


We let you know recently about a printing bug introduced in a Microsoft security update this month: KB4022719 Causes Internet Explorer to Print Blank Pages

At the time, the reports stated it was an issue with Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 7. But, new reports show that the issue also exhibits itself in Windows 10.

However, a thread on Microsoft’s developer site ( takes a strange turn after a report is posted.

James M from the Microsoft Edge team says this…


Thank you for providing your feedback on IE11. We are not accepting feedback on Internet Explorer through this portal any longer (unless security related). We welcome any feedback you have on Microsoft Edge through this website.

If this is blocking enterprise deployment, please follow the CSS escalation process to engage MS support (GES, General Escalation Service) and file a servicing request.

Support URL:

Best Wishes,
The MS Edge Team

And, shortly after, James M changes the status of the report to: “Won’t fix”

The response to James M’s actions…

andrew F. says… @James M. It was your security fix that has broke printing for many many people. Really bad show just to say won’t fix. If any other software company released a fix which broke fundamental functionality they would fix their mistake as a matter of urgency. I do hope you pass this on to someone that can do the right thing and provide a patch.

Douglas M. asks… Why have you flagged this as “Won’t fix” when Microsoft have just introduced this problem with the latest update?

Microsoft has yet to respond.

However, John S provided the following solution…

John S. – Update- This behavior is being seen in Windows 7 and Windows 10. Confirmed workaround is to uninstall KB4021558 or KB4022719 once this is removed and computer restarts printing works correctly.

John’s solutions is merely a workaround and Microsoft will have to address this eventually, as removing security patches for potentially critical vulnerabilities can’t be a best practice.

UPDATE, June 19, 2017: It looks like the Edge team may be at odds with the IE team. Jerry M provides the following response…

See the update to “Known issues in this security update” here:

From that acknowledgement it appears that a fix is under development by the IE team.

So we can probably take it that “Won’t fix” is a response from the Edge team … as a result of not fully understanding the severity of the issue in the corporate space, or it simply being seen as “not our problem” maybe?

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