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Microsoft Surface / Windows 10

Microsoft Releases Surface 3 Firmware to Protect Against Known Security Vulnerabilities

Microsoft Releases Surface 3 Firmware to Protect Against Known Security Vulnerabilities

Its been a while since Microsoft delivered updates for its non-Pro Surface 3 devices, but the company has now delivered firmware for devices running Windows 10 1703 and later. The primary reason for release is to help mitigate the  speculative execution side-channel vulnerabilities revealed in January. See ADV180002. The firmware release also includes updated display drivers for Windows 10 April 2018 Update compatibility.

Surface 3 Wi-Fi

  • Surface3_WiFi_Win10_15063_1801703_0.msi
  • Surface3_WiFi_Win10_17134_1801703_3.msi

Surface 3 LTE – ATT

  • Surface3_4GLTE-ATT_Win10_15063_1801703_0.msi
  • Surface3_4GLTE-ATT_Win10_17134_1801703_3.msi

Surface 3 LTE – Verizon

  • Surface3_4GLTE-VZ_Win10_15063_1801703_0.msi
  • Surface3_4GLTE-VZ_Win10_17134_1801703_3.msi

Surface 3 LTE – North America Carrier Unlocked

  • Surface3_4GLTE-NorthAmericaUnlocked_Win10_15063_1801703_0.msi
  • Surface3_4GLTE-NorthAmericaUnlocked_Win10_17134_1801703_3.msi

Surface 3 LTE – Outside of North America and Y!mobile in Japan

  • Surface3_4GLTE-RestOfTheWorld_Win10_15063_1801703_0.msi
  • Surface3_4GLTE-RestOfTheWorld_Win10_17134_1801703_3.msi

Surface 3:

  • Surface UEFI v1.51116.198.0 resolves potential security vulnerabilities, including Microsoft security advisory 180002.
  • Intel(R) HD Graphics v20.19.15.4835 improves compatibility with high resolution external displays on Windows 10 April 2018 Update.


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