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Microsoft Releases Its Next Health App: HealthVault Insights

Not tied to a failed fitness wearable, Microsoft’s latest foray into Health integration for devices is a cross-platform app that attempts to shift the company’s health efforts back to the beginning. The new app/service, HealthVault Insights, puts focus back on Microsoft’s first efforts for storing and sharing health data across health providers.

HealthVault Insights is a consumer health solution for remote monitoring, intended for use with a program issued by your care provider. For the best experience, you should work with your health provider to create care plans. The app allows you to view and manage these care plans and track progress towards health outcomes using relevant data from your wearables, apps, and services. It also uses this data to provide unique machine-learned trends, anomalies, correlations, and recommendations that help improve your overall health.

While HealthVault Insights does still support Microsoft Health (the retiring Microsoft Band app), its focus is more on devices that are compatible with Apple Health and Google Fit. HealthVault Insights is actually not a replacement for the original HealthVault app. Microsoft says…

HealthVault is a trusted place for you to gather, store, use, and share your health information. HealthVault Insights is an app designed to generate new insights about your health data that’s stored in HealthVault and is intended for use with a program issued by your care provider. You should continue to use your HealthVault app to access all your HealthVault data.

HealthVault Insights is available for Windows, iOS and Android…

Windows 10 Mobile:

iOS:  (pending)

Windows: (pending)


Official web site:

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