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Microsoft Quietly Removes June Outlook Patch Redo, Tells No One

Microsoft’s June patching record is still being written, it appears.

Last night it was brought to our attention that a couple Outlook 2016 patches have silently disappeared. These are the patches we talked about HERE just a week ago. These updates were delivered a few days after fixes for earlier Outlook versions were made available and were intended to solve some issues that Microsoft introduced through its June Patch Tuesday updates. If you attempt to use the links provided in our news coverage today, you’ll get an Error 404We’re sorry, this download is no longer available message and at the time we were notified, the associated KB article KB3213654 said nothing about.

Today, the KB article has been updated, at least, with the following message:

Update 3213654 for Microsoft Outlook 2016 that was released on June 30, 2017, is not currently available. This article will be updated as soon as the update is available again.

But, the article does not give any prescriptive guidance (i.e., uninstall the broken patch), nor does it say why the update was pulled (what was broken).

Today, we’re also hearing that the patches for earlier versions of Outlook never solved the original problems anyway – and those may have already been removed or will be removed soon.

We’ve reached out to our contacts to see if the company is willing to make a statement as to what is going on and why self-induced Outlook problems are so difficult to fix.

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