Microsoft Preps January Update to Resolve Another Windows 10 1809 Bug that Disables an Admin Account

Originally released on October 2018, the glory of Windows 10 1809 continues to plague customers into 2019.

In a Microsoft Japanese blog post, Microsoft has confirmed an issue for blocking an Admin account when upgrading from Windows 10 1803 to Windows 10 1809.

Until a fix is ready (possibly this month), Microsoft suggests creating a second Admin account and using that prior to upgrading…

…if you need to upgrade before the patch is released, please confirm that you can surely sign in with a user with administrative privileges other than the built-in administrator, before you upgrade Please do 

However, if you’ve already upgraded and have been bitten by the bug, do this…

…if you have already upgraded and you have invalidated the built-in Administrator, you are signed in as a user with administrator privileges other than the built-in Administrator, activate the built-in Administrator.