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Microsoft Officially Outlays Windows 10 AutoPilot

For those not paying attention, we delivered an intro video for AutoPilot a day or so ago: Windows AutoPilot – the Modern New Device Deployment

Today, Microsoft has officially announced AutoPilot and given some details about what this new service will seek to deliver.

Essentially, Windows AutoPilot Deployment…

…works seamlessly with existing Azure Active Directory and Intune mobile device management (MDM) services, enabling a new PC to be easily transformed into a business-ready device: joined to Azure Active Directory, enrolled in Intune, transformed to Windows 10 Enterprise, settings applied, Office 365 apps and line-of-business apps installed.

A pilot program for Surface devices will happen this summer and the program is designed to be managed by OEMs, distributors, and resellers.

Windows 10 Creators Fall Update will include the following enhancements to improve the program…

  • Windows AutoPilot Reset – a new reset mechanism to reset a fully configured device while maintaining MDM management and AAD connection state and automatically get the device back into a fully configured state.
  • Enhanced Personalization with Windows AutoPilot Deployment – ability to pre-assign a device to a specific employee in the organization via cloud-configuration.
  • Self Service Active Directory domain join – self-service deployment to get new Windows 10 devices into Active Directory domain joined state along with Microsoft Intune enrollment.


Not only does this help eliminate the needed internal resources to deploy and manage corporate standard images for PCs and devices, it also ushers in a deeper cloud experience – pushing on-premises Active Directory holdouts to Azure Active Directory and Exchange users to Office 365.

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