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Microsoft News: March Updates for Office 365, Microsoft 365 Security and More

Microsoft News: March Updates for Office 365, Microsoft 365 Security and More
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The Microsoft release cadence has become somewhat of a runaway train these days.  It’s near impossible to keep up with all the updates without help.

Sometimes you need “just the facts”.  Microsoft is quite helpful in this regard and they sent us some news items (below).  In addition, they have their own blog site that is worth checking out to keep up with their cadence.

One of the more exciting pieces of news revolves around the new features in Microsoft Teams.  One of the new features is the ability to replace your background during video chats.  You can put the company logo behind you or a cool picture or just blur the background.  Another new feature is support for an additional camera in Microsoft Teams Rooms so that you can show additional information (like analog whiteboards).  But that’s not the coolest part.  The coolest part is that it uses Intelligent Capture to show what’s going on on the whiteboard even if the person is standing in FRONT of the whiteboard.  They’re also adding in live captions and subtitles to Teams meetings, which will ensure greater inclusivity.   Read the full line-up and see some examples from the Microsoft announcements here.

In addition, here are some recent announcements from Microsoft you might appreciate knowing:

  • Work with your LinkedIn connections in Office 365 with the ability to view colleagues’ profiles in Outlook, OneDrive, and SharePoint and see relevant insights about the people you’re working with. More information on that here.
  • AI features in Outlook on the web that will make scheduling meetings faster and easier and help you prepare for meetings by showing relevant information you might need.
  • Microsoft 365 security center offers a new unified security experience that provides security professionals with a workspace to manage the comprehensive security capabilities of Microsoft Threat Protection.


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