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Microsoft MVPs Release 500-page “Inside Azure Management” eBook

Microsoft MVPs Release 500-page “Inside Azure Management” eBook
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If you’re looking for a good read this weekend – or rather, for the next few weekends – a few Microsoft MVPs have put together a free eBook that tops out over 500 pages.

Called “Insider Azure Management” the book seeks to cover many of the latest monitoring and management features in Microsoft Azure. Assuredly, Azure changes frequently and some of the information may become dated over time, but delivered in this manner the book can be maintained and updated.

Download: Inside Azure Management [e-book]


  • Chapter 1 – Intro
  • Chapter 2 – Implementing Governance in Azure
  • Chapter 3 – Migrating Workloads to Azure
  • Chapter 4 – Configuring Data Sources for Azure Log Analytics
  • Chapter 5 – Monitoring Applications
  • Chapter 6 – Monitoring Infrastructure
  • Chapter 7 – Configuring Alerting and notification
  • Chapter 8 – Monitor Databases
  • Chapter 9 – Monitoring Containers
  • Chapter 10 – Implementing Process Automation
  • Chapter 11 – Configuration Management
  • Chapter 12 – Monitoring Security-related Configuration
  • Chapter 13 – Data Backup for Azure Workloads
  • Chapter 14 – Implementing a Disaster Recovery Strategy
  • Chapter 15 – Update Management for VMs
  • Chapter 16 – Conclusion

Written by Microsoft MVPs Tao Yang, Stanislav Zhelyazkov, Pete Zerger, and Kevin Greene, along with Anders Bengtsson, CSA for Microsoft.

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