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Windows 10

Microsoft Moves Drivers for Printers and Scanners Out of Windows 10 1809

Microsoft Moves Drivers for Printers and Scanners Out of Windows 10 1809

While many wait to ensure a working copy of Windows 10 1809 exists after the weekend fiasco where Microsoft pulled its latest upgrade, more information about what to expect from this update is available.

One method for giving customers back hard disk space and to minimize the size of the update distribution, Microsoft has now extracted the printer and scanner drivers from the installation.

In a community blog post,  Microsoft’s Ron Martinsen explains the change…

Starting with Windows 10, version 1809, inbox print and scan drivers have moved to Windows Update. Prior versions of Windows included basic printer drivers that enabled simple printing when a full feature driver was not available. To reduce the Windows footprint and provide more storage space to users, these drivers no longer ship with the OS and instead are available through Windows Update.

There is a potential gotcha to this change, though. The change means that users will need access to the Internet and Windows Update to get the proper printer and scanner drivers, otherwise, Windows will install a Mopria-compatible printer driver that may or may not support the full feature set and layout specs for the specific printer.

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