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Microsoft Licenses IP for Connected Cars to Toyota

Most companies are moving beyond just connected gadgets and the automobile industry is a key target. Amazon, for example, has created an Alexa Automotive division. Apple has been rumored to also be very interested in this market. And, of course, Google is deep into this area with self-driving cars and virtual mapping.

Microsoft has had some experience in this area, too. Some of the company’s first advances here were with Ford, delivering a connected experience with the SYNC technology. Unfortunately, that particular partnership went south. Ford blamed Microsoft. Microsoft blamed Ford.

But, that hasn’t stopped Microsoft from moving forward. The company is not interested in manufacturing cars, but instead licensing technology to car makers.

This week, Microsoft announced a new program where car makers can work with the software company to license its connected car technologies. Toyota is one of the first automobile makers to sign-up:  Microsoft announces IP licensing program to power digital transformation in connected cars

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