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Windows 10

Microsoft’s Windows Insider Lab for Enterprise

With a new upgrade to Windows 10 slated to drop on October 17 that is seen as hugely marketed as a consumer product, Microsoft continues to desperately try to hold on to Enterprise customers for its increment immovable operating system edition. Windows 10 is continually promoted as a gaming OS, or a “creator’s” platform, and rarely as the best OS for business. Periodically, there will be a “oh wait, we haven’t talked about Enterprise benefits for a while” blog post, but truly the focus is not 100% business. In fact, its glaringly lopsided and many company’s recognize that.

In the latest effort, Microsoft has rolled out “Windows Insider Lab for Enterprise” called Olympia.

Windows Insider Lab for Enterprise (WILE) is intended for Windows Insiders who want to try new experimental and pre-release Enterprise features*. To get the complete experience of these Enterprise features, Olympia Corp, a virtual corporation has been set up to reflect the IT infrastructure of real world business. Selected customers are invited to join Olympia Corp and try these features.



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