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Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Killing Hybrid MDM Product, Pushing Customers to Intune

Microsoft Killing Hybrid MDM Product, Pushing Customers to Intune

Microsoft has sent the following warning to customers of its Hybrid MDM solution that this solution will no longer be available. Those currently using it will be given until September 1st of 2019 to adjust to the changes.



Plan for Change: Move to Intune on Azure for your Mobile Device Management
Major update: General Availability rollout started
Since launching on Azure over a year ago, Intune has added hundreds of new customer-requested and market-leading service capabilities, and now offers far more capabilities than those offered through hybrid Mobile Device Management (MDM). Intune on Azure provides a more integrated, streamlined administrative experience for your enterprise mobility needs. As a result, we see that most Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) customers choose Intune on Azure over hybrid MDM. The number of customers using hybrid MDM continues to decrease as more customers move to the cloud. Therefore, on September 1, 2019, we will retire the hybrid MDM service offering. Please plan your migration to Intune on Azure for your MDM needs. We have tools, case studies, and other resources to help with this migration. Note: This change does not affect on-premises System Center Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr) or co-management for Windows 10 devices. If you are unsure whether you are using hybrid MDM, go to the Administration workspace of the ConfigMgr console, expand Cloud Services, and click Microsoft Intune Subscriptions. If you have a Microsoft Intune subscription setup, your tenant is configured for hybrid MDM. 

How does this affect me?

• Microsoft will support your hybrid MDM usage for the next year. We will continue to release major bug fixes and ensure existing functionality is supported on OS versions, such as enrollment on iOS 12. We will not invest in new features for hybrid MDM. 

• We do not expect any end-user impact to this change, provided you migrate to Intune on Azure before the end of the hybrid MDM offering. 

• Licensing remains as is; Intune on Azure licenses are included with hybrid MDM. 

• We will begin to block the onboarding of new hybrid MDM customers starting in November 2018. 

• On September 1, 2019, any remaining hybrid MDM devices will no longer receive policy, apps, or security updates. 

What do I need to do to prepare for this change?

• Start planning your migration for MDM from the ConfigMgr console to Azure. Many customers, including Microsoft IT, have gone through this process. Read this 
case study sharing best practices and lessons learned from Microsoft’s own migration. 
• Review 
tools and documentation we’ve created to simplify the process of moving from hybrid MDM to Intune on Azure. Many customers, including some of our largest and smallest, have successfully used these tools and guidance to migrate. 
• Contact your partner of record or FastTrack for assistance. 
FastTrack for Microsoft 365 or EMS can assist in your migration from hybrid MDM to Intune on Azure. More information on how to open this specific type of FastTrack ticket is included in the Additional Information link. Review the support blog post linked in Additional Information for more details.

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