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Patch Management / Patch Tuesday

Patch Club: Microsoft Invites Business Customers to Test Its Patches

Patch Club: Microsoft Invites Business Customers to Test Its Patches

In the midst of Microsoft’s latest, but more public debacle with its poor quality updates, the company has silently posted an invitation to customers fed up with the impact of updates on the business.

The Security Update Validation Program (SUVP) is a quality assurance testing program for Microsoft security updates, which are released on the second Tuesday of each month. The SUVP provides early access to Microsoft security updates—up to three weeks in advance of the official release—for the purpose of validation and interoperability testing. 

Called the Security Update Validation Program (SUVP), the company is hoping that business technology workers will have time set aside to test and report on upcoming updates.

The purpose of the SUVP is to validate Microsoft security updates against participants’ own test images and infrastructures as well as their line of business, third-party, and in-house apps. Issues found prior to public release are quickly escalated through the SUVP directly to the product teams and product managers or engineers that would need to be involved in authoring the fix. This enables rapid root cause analysis (RCA) and remediation, and fixes can be quickly validated with the reporting partner.

You know…because IT Pros aren’t busy enough already. Of course, if the updates were of better quality already, maybe there would be extra time to do Microsoft’s job for it.

Still, if this is of interest, here’s how to get on board:

To be considered for participation in the SUVP, please have your Microsoft representative reach out to SUVP Onboarding at to submit a nomination. The program requires that participants sign a SUVP contract and have an active Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) tenant to enable distribution of content via Microsoft Collaborate. 

Those that join this new program will be under NDA not to talk about the updates, which covers the first and second rules of Patch Club: you do not talk about Patch Club

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