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Android / Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Intune configuration designer for OEMConfig

Microsoft Intune configuration designer for OEMConfig
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We’ve created a brand-new configuration designer that gives you an intuitive interface for creating OEMConfig profiles, no matter how complicated the schema gets. This eliminates the need to hand-code an OEMConfig profile using the JSON editor, which can get tricky, especially when dealing with complex or heavily nested schemas. 

When you select an OEMConfig application to configure, Intune reads the schema from the app, and automatically generates a full graphical user interface for configuring the settings specified in the schema. 

The configuration designer lets you easily: 

  • Create and manage complex bundles and bundle arrays with many levels of nesting 
  • View setting titles and descriptions, which OEMs may use to provide documentation 
  • Understand what options are available for a given setting 

Going forward, the configuration designer is the default editor for OEMConfig profiles in Intune. 

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