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Microsoft Introduces Roll-your-own RSS Feeds for Product Updates

Microsoft Introduces Roll-your-own RSS Feeds for Product Updates

At one time, Microsoft offered a bevy of ways to stay up-to-date with their products. Over the past few years, the company moved away from being transparent and instead removed options for real time updates and notifications.  IT Pros today still rue Microsoft for eliminating a bunch of options to support IT Pros including the 15 year TechNet subscription.

But, as is the case with Microsoft, it continues to run as much in cycles as does 1970’s era fashion. What’s old is new again.

The company has now delivered a roll-your-own RSS feed engine, where you can choose the product you want information about and it will create the RSS feed for you.

The page exists on the Microsoft Support site and is entitled: Support content updates

Just choose the product, choose the feed type (Atom or RSS) and tap or click the Generate Feed button.

(tap or click the image for a larger view)

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