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Microsoft Draws a Line in the Cloud, Customer Calls It Predatory

Microsoft Draws a Line in the Cloud, Customer Calls It Predatory

You had to expect this to happen eventually. A Microsoft rep responded to a customer request recently that has left some in shock. We know that Microsoft is trying to move its current customers to its Cloud, but most have thought the company would allow it to happen naturally over time. Internally though, that may not be the case.

A customer recently outlined a problem due to how Microsoft is pointing to its own services even in on-premises software. Microsoft responded and then quickly closed comments on the thread because the result wasn’t what the company wanted to hear.

The thread: Stop prioritizing O365 for Autodiscover

Microsoft’s response:

We cannot fulfill this request as we will continue to optimize for the Office 365 experience. The supported implementation of Autodiscover is documented here, Any ongoing changes and improvements will be documented in the article. We appreciate your feedback and take every request with consideration, whether we can move forward with it or not.
-Outlook Team

Some of the customer comments:

Microsoft making the deliberate, unilateral and unannounced decision to automatically link Outlook to their own Exchange server shows a total lack of respect for their customers, the 3rd party Exchange hosting services, and the end users which were forced to spend countless hours re-creating their profiles, changing emails, etc … This is nothing less than a predatory monopolistic behavior and should be sanctioned accordingly.

I knew one day this great “feature” will come to light and explain why I had to spend in excess of 40 hours to fix a broken Outlook lately. This includes repair and eventually and reinstall Office (including the hassle to find PID key), delete and reinstate profiles, to change passwords on and Hosted Exchange, because it was obvious the system was (again) confusing settings. I do not mention the anger and personal frustration. It was clear an overambitious but otherwise clueless developer together with an identical program manager who have no idea of the real world had not other intention but make my life miserable for weeks and certainly for no valid reason at all.

Punish paying users with such %§”$…. is this the “microsoft way ” ? 
So many angry customers blaming us for this Outlook-behaviour …


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