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Microsoft Delivering Old Updates and Drivers to Surface Devices

Microsoft Delivering Old Updates and Drivers to Surface Devices

Just a heads-up. Its being widely reported (and experienced here) that there’s a slew of updates and drivers being delivered to Surface devices today.

Microsoft regularly delivers updates to Surface devices, but not as many as are available today, and not with the old dates as shown…

Is it an error or is Microsoft really pushing this many updates today?

Some have already reported getting errors installing some of the updates. Others are afraid to reboot their systems – afraid they might not boot back up.

We’ve had nothing but success, though. Even though there’s a mass of updates, they all installed without error and a brand new, shiny firmware to boot.

Stay tuned. We’ve reached out to get more information and clarification.

UPDATE: Microsoft has now provided blog posts for the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Laptop devices that received this gaggle of updates.

Updates for Surface Pro 4 (25 July 2018)
Updates for Surface Laptop (25 July 2018)

However, the company gives the normal policy-line about how these updates improve and secure everything better, but gives no indication on why some of the updates were older, or why this many would come through at once.

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