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Microsoft cracks down on MSDN and TechNet software usage

If you’re a subscriber to either MSDN or TechNet, you should take a look at the recent changes Microsoft has imposed to help crackdown on software piracy.  In addition to cutting back on product key allotments in March 2012, Microsoft has now changed the terms and functions for software access.

The changes take effect later this month, but they include reducing the number of software license keys available, offering fewer key allotments per day, and the number of available products will diminish.  Specifically for TechNet subscribers, there is no longer a perpetual license to use the downloaded software. Instead, once your subscription expires, so does your license for the software and Microsoft is requesting that you stop using it.

TechNet subscription info:

Full TechNet License terms:

From the subscription info page:

What changes are coming to TechNet Subscriptions?
In the coming weeks, Microsoft will make some changes to TechNet Subscriptions to better reflect the intent of the program—aiding IT professionals in evaluating current Microsoft software—and to help protect the integrity of the subscription from unsupported use. As part of this change, we will:

  • Reduce the length and complexity of the User Agreement. A preview version is available. Please note that this updated user agreement only applies to new and renewing subscribers.
  • Make Microsoft software use and other subscription benefits available only during the 12-month subscription period.
  • Update the list of products available for evaluation by:
    • Removing redundant or multiple instances of products. For instance: The full Office suite will be available for download, but not standalone Office products such as Outlook, Publisher, etc.
    • Removing products that are not intended for use in an IT professional managed business environment. For instance: Windows XP Home Edition.
    • Removing products that are no longer covered by extended support through the Microsoft Support Lifecycle.
  • Standardize the 24-hour product key claim limit across all programs and benefit levels at ten (10).

TechNet Subscriptions

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  1. As long as the price remains at the same level, I’m still happy with the Technet Subscription offer.
    For those who stay subscribed, and don’t use the “home” products, nothing really changes 🙂

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