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Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Building Migration Path from Configuration Manager to Intune

A recent webinar that is now available for on-demand streaming, contains some interesting bullet-points that all Microsoft customers should consider for the future of the IT organization. Here’s a few big ones…

  • Internally, Microsoft is shifting from AD on-premises to Azure Active Directory.
  • Internally, Microsoft is moving from System Center Configuration Manager to Intune to manage corporate devices. Right now, there’s only a couple pieces holding it back from migrating completely – but those enhancements are coming quickly.
  • Internally, Microsoft is moving away from System Center Configuration Manager as a tool for deploying OS updates and instead will use Windows Update for Business.
  • Microsoft is currently developing a migration path for System Center Configuration Manager to Intune. The technology will allow both to coexist until System Center Configuration Manager can be shut down completely.
  • Microsoft sees Intune as the sole future for managing devices.
  • To manage deployments when System Center Configuration Manager is gone, Microsoft will migrate completely to Windows Store for Business.


The webinar is available to view after filling out a form: Windows 10 deployment: tips and tricks from Microsoft IT


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