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Microsoft Azure Stack is Now Available

Several times throughout Microsoft’s history, customers asked for certain product solutions and Microsoft turned around and delivered something else. Such is the case with Azure Stack. Customers simply wanted to be able to run Azure-level services on their own hardware, but instead Microsoft believed it best to work with hardware partners to deliver a turn-key system. The idea is to ensure that Azure Stack is capable of running efficiently and correctly because the hardware has been built to accommodate it. Microsoft’s Azure services require intensive processes, which requires hardware certified to handle the workload.

Microsoft had originally began down the path to just supply Azure services for customer’s own equipment, calling it Azure Pack at the time. But, that was wrought with problem due to limited customer budgets for new hardware and older hardware that couldn’t be upgraded adequately. Microsoft wanted to avoid a situation where the product simply wouldn’t work and customers became irate. In the current cloud wars, with Microsoft trying to find a way to surpass Amazon’s lead, word of mouth can be damaging. So, after much confusion about the solution’s direction, Microsoft scrapped Azure Pack and placed full focus on Azure Stack.

Today, at Microsoft’s big partner and sales event in Washington DC, called Inspire, the company has finally opened up ordering for the Azure Stack solution.

Here’s what’s available starting today

  • Orderable Azure Stack integrated systems: We have delivered Azure Stack software to our hardware partners, enabling us to begin the certification process for their integrated systems, with the first systems to begin shipping in September. You can now order integrated systems from Dell EMC, HPE, and Lenovo.
  • Azure Stack software pricing and availability: We have released pricing for the pay-as-you-use and capacity-based models today, you can use that information to plan your purchases.
  • Azure Stack Development Kit (ASDK) availability: ASDK, the free single-server deployment option for trial purposes, is available for web download today. You can use it to build and validate your applications for integrated systems deployments.


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