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Chromebook / Microsoft Office

Microsoft Admits Office is Now Available for Chromebooks But Isn’t Quite Ready

This past week Office 365 became available for use on Chromebooks. There wasn’t an announcement. It just so happened someone, somewhere tried it and it worked when it didn’t before.

Now, Microsoft has finally admitted that it was intentional, though the announcement is buried in a much larger block of news and seemingly downplayed. Additionally, the company also suggests that its really not quite ready…

Office Mobile apps on Chromebook—Earlier this week, we released a preview of the Office Mobile apps for Google Chromebooks. These apps were originally designed for Android phones, and they’re not yet fully optimized for the Chromebook form factor. We’ve done some initial work on the end user experience and want to gather customer feedback. As with all of our mobile apps, an Office 365 subscription is required to edit documents on devices with a screen size of 10.1 inches or greater.


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