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Microsoft Adds Beta Certification Exam Charge to Compensate for Historic Highs for No-shows

They call it a discount – we call it free.

Microsoft has been offering 100% discounts on its beta exams for some time. This gives certification candidates the ability to take exams for free and gives Microsoft the capability of getting help in determining the quality of the content.

However, the company says it is facing “historic highs” in no-shows come exam day. Its no secret that the desire for certification has dropped of considerably over the past couple years – particularly for Microsoft products that can change drastically in a months time due to accelerated update schedules. Trying to keep up with the pace of updates has left those seeking certifications with very little time to study and take exams.

Due to the no-show situation, Microsoft says

Because the no show rate is at historic highs, which creates a poor experience for those who do take it as they wait an increasingly long time to get their scores, we need to do something differently with beta exams. Starting with our next beta, Exam 537: Configuring and Operating a Hybrid Cloud with Microsoft Azure Stack, we are introducing a model where the beta codes will be an 80% discount off the exam price rather than a 100% discount. If you take the beta exam, the 20% that you paid when registering for the beta exam will be applied to the next exam that you take within one year.


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