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MDT 2012 User Driven Installation: Pre-Flight Supported Hardware Check

I made a vbs script to check whether the computer model is supported during UDI.

It checks against the computers model value letting the wizard know if it isn’t supported and will stop the deployment from happening.


To use it you edit the list of models then copy the file into <MDT_Toolkit_Files_SOURCE>\Tools\x64\Preflight and  <MDT_Toolkit_Files_SOURCE>\Tools\x86\Preflight.

Then in the UDI Wizard Designer edit the Deployment Readiness Page add a Task with the following settings:

  • Display Name: Check Hardware Model
  • Type: Shell Execute Task
  • File Name: %windir%\system32\cscript.exe
  • Parameters: Preflight\OSDCheckHWModel.vbs
  • Status Bitmap: images\ram.bmp
  • Exit Code Value: Type-Success Status- Success Matches Value-0 Displayed Message- Hardware Model Supported
  • Exit Code Value: Type-Error Status- Error Matches Value-1 Displayed Message- This computer model is not currently supported to run the Windows 7 SOE. – Please contact The Helpdesk

Hardware Check Settings

Download :

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