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MDT 2012 released, MDT Web FrontEnd Version 2, First Beta released

A long time ago in a Deployment galaxy far, far away … only a few Jedi were left to fight the dark forces of manual operating system installations. They created powerful tools to support their fight and hardened them in tough battles against habit and ignorance.

New young Jedis saw their heroic efforts, and joined their fight and over the years the light forces got stronger and stronger. Now its time for YOU to join.

Today the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2012 has been released (Download at If you deploy Microsoft Operating Systems and don’t use this Toolkit, you are doing something wrong. Winking smile

I really would love to be in Las Vegas right now and join you all at MMS 2012. But as I couldn’t make it, I had some time left to finally, after so many months of promising, publish the first public Beta of the new MDT Web FrontEnd Version 2 (Download at CodePlex).

What started as some small extensions to Version 1 of the FrontEnd turned into a complete re-write to be able to keep it flexible enough for the future. It definitely took a lot more time as expected and I kept telling “It will be finished soon” for way to long. Thanks for your patience and support. It’s still not finished yet. But it’s ready enough to start some testing and it will give you a lot of new things that will help to ease your life:

It will discover your ConfigMgr Primaries and allow you to search for Packages (ConfigMgr 2007/2012) and for Applications (ConfigMgr 2012).

All lists now support free searching, sorting and paging.

You will be able to define a MDT Location by Active Directory sites and not only by Gateways.

You can assign Roles to Roles and by this create a Hierarchy of Roles to ease management of complex configurations.

The page is theme able and localizable.

And soon it will also support the MDT Monitoring for LTI and ZTI.

To point this out, it’s BETA Software! Don’t use it in production. Don’t expect it to be error free. It’s provided “AS IS”.

If that doesn’t stop you, I really urge you to Download the software and start testing. I plan to release new versions in short cycles of 1-2 weeks to keep track and have a stable, feature-rich Final Release as soon as possible. So be sure to regularly get back to the CodePlex page for updates. Or even better, just subscribe for release notifications.

If you experience any issues or problems, find some errors/bugs or would like to request a sadly missed feature, please report them on CodePlex at the Issue Tracker or start a Discussion. I will respond to them as quick as possible.

Expect a short instruction on how to install the Web FrontEnd Beta in the next Blog post coming soon.

As always, I really appreciate some feedback (Yes I do!), so don’t hesitate to post your comments to CodePlex or just contact me directly.

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