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Windows 10

Locating the Fresh Start PC Refresh in Windows 10 Creators Update

Prior to Windows 10 Creators Update you could go to Settings – Update & Security – Recovery to reset your device. You could choose to  keep your personal files or remove everything and start over. Now, in Windows 10 Creators Update, there’s an additional spot to perform this action in the Windows Defender Security Center. Microsoft, for some reason, didn’t remove the original location, but instead provided an additional home to the function.

You can get there a couple different ways.

The first way: Go to Settings – Update & Security – Windows Defender and select the Open Windows Defender Security Center option…

Windows Defender Security Center

The easiest way: Search for “Windows Defender” using the Cortana search function…

Cortana search

You can choose Windows Defender Hub, but it takes an extra step from there. Instead, choose Windows Defender Security Center under Apps.

Once you’ve opened the Windows Defender Security Center, go to the Device performance and health menu item and locate the Fresh Start section. Tap or click the Additional info link to get started.

Fresh Start

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