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Live Microsoft Private Cloud event coverage on myITforum

On Tuesday, January 17, 2012 (tomorrow, if you’re reading this on January 16, 2012) Microsoft is holding an online event called “Transforming IT with Microsoft Private Cloud”. As noted already, in the “The super secret sauce announcement at the Microsoft Private Cloud event” post, there’s a possibility you simply don’t want to miss some announcements coming in this event, no matter how you feel about the “Cloud” for your organization.

Based on some early evidence (and of course, some inside information) we’ve determined that the announcement is big enough for us to want to cover it live and also retain the news for later consumption.  Whether or not you can attend the online event tomorrow, we will still be covering it live here on the site, so you can either a) follow along, b) watch the news unfold, or c) retrieve the information even after the event is over.


Take note of the following page and come back to it tomorrow at the start of the Microsoft event:

We have several myITforum’ers who will be helping cover the event, each with their own perspective, so you’ll be able to get the full spectrum or information.

Over the next week, we will also be rolling out surveys, polls, and additional articles and content based on the announcements.  See?  Why would we do all this if the message wasn’t something extremely monumental?


A COUPLE NOTES:  If the Twitter Live coverage box on the Live coverage page doesn’t show up the first time, just refresh the page.  Each time you refresh, though, it will attempt to cycle to the most current information, but you may see some old stuff to start out with.  Tip:  Try to keep the page up the entire time so it stays current.

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