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Link Sharing on myITforum

Find some piece of information somewhere that you know others would benefit from?  myITforum now has a Link Sharing component where you enter the URL and the site automatically retrieves all pertinent information for you. You can also visit the Links Directory to search for things already shared and even “vote” for the links.

All you really need to do is 3 steps.  Choose a link category, enter the URL, and click to Save it. 

Getting there:

Click Links in the Main Menu

Click Create a Link

Even though it’s a simple 3 step process, of course, with everything, there’s always multiple customization options.

Link Sharing Options:

Link Sharing Options

Customize the URL icon:

Create your own icon

Choose to share publicly, with only friends, or use the Link function simply to build your own personal link database of things you’d rather not forget:

Choose how to share

See what others have shared and vote up the best ones in the Links Directory:

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