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PowerShell / Windows 10

Latest Windows Insider Build Removes Command Shell Access

Remember those rumors in the late 1990’s that suggested Microsoft would eliminate the MS-DOS command shell someday soon?

Now, remember all those times Microsoft, Microsoft MVPs, and others said “YOU MUST LEARN POWERSHELL” like there was no avoiding it?

Well, it took almost another 20 years, but the latest Windows Insider build for Windows 10 (14971) finally removes easy access to CMD.exe and instead replaces the CMD window with PowerShell. Just off it’s 10th birthday, PowerShell is now the command-line of choice for Windows systems – well, probably better said is that now no choice but PowerShell. So, you still get a command shell, you just have to know PowerShell to make it work.

You can still access the old CMD shell by navigating to the Windows Utilities folder in the Windows 10 apps menu, and CMD.exe still exists in the file system. But, now when you type “cmd” or use the keyboard equivalent shortcut (Windows + X), a PowerShell windows will appear. But, still…you can kind of see how this is going and how much less important the old MS-DOS emulator is today.

Who  knows? Someday we may be lamenting the removal of actual windows from Windows.

It’s all outlined in the latest blog from Dona Sarkar, Windows 10 maven, about the current Insider build to hit the rings.

What else is new?

  • Read EPUB books in Microsoft Edge
  • Bringing 3D to Everyone via the Paint 3D Preview app
  • Improved Typing Experience with Japanese and Chinese Input Method Editors (IMEs)
  • Get Office (Beta)
  • Experimental “Snooze” action on a tab in Microsoft Edge

Make sure the catch the entire announcement, particularly to sift through the gotchas of the current build: Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14971 for PC

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