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Keeping productivity up this festive season

The festive season is just around the corner. Shopping online is very convenient, especially head of the Christmas season, and honestly, who can resist those mailers by your favorite retailer letting you know what’s on sale this Black Friday and beyond? Many business owners choose to provide unlimited internet access to their employees and while this can be seen as a great idea as it shows trust, there might be some impacts on productivity.

There is a way to keep both your users and your boss happy, and the answer is as simple as internet monitoring software. By managing access to internet you will efficiently use bandwidth, maintain productivity and keep employees motivated.

Solutions such as GFI WebMonitor work in a number of ways;

Time-based controls can work well instead of blocking complete access to social media networks or shopping websites. You can allow access at certain times such as during lunchtime or before and after normal working hours. With GFI WebMonitor you can also limit the amount of time a user spends on a particular website or set of websites. With the use of Policies there is the possibility to limit access according to specified duration (for example, limiting social networking sites access to 30 minutes a day).

Bandwidth-based controls can also help companies balance the needs and morale of staff while at the same time ensuring that day-to-day activity is not hindered by web-based distractions. Every user can be given a set amount of bandwidth minimizing the wastage of such a precious resource, ensuring your bandwidth is used on work-related activities and not on streaming videos or downloading music.

Web-activity monitoring will give you unique insights into your network’s web activity showing you any abnormalities or abuse with real-time monitoring. WebInsights, which is included in every GFI WebMonitor install, collects historical data of your business’ web-activity and then creates a baseline to which it will compare current data in order to help you make informed decisions. Data is collected on the three main areas of interest – bandwidth consumption, security concerns and potential productivity loss areas – and compared to an hourly, daily, weekly and monthly baseline. Whenever anything unusual happens on your network you will know. The reporting is granular so you will also be able to pinpoint which of your users is causing any spikes.

These are just a few ways you can make your life simpler with GFI WebMonitor as the software goes beyond web-activity management and will also protect your users and your network. Internet monitoring software is a benefit to all – employees and business owners – but mostly to the sysadmin, who we can all agree deserves that turkey leg this Thanksgiving.

Would you like to explore the benefits that come with good internet monitoring software? Get your 30-day, fully functioning trial complete with GFI tech support.

Author, Melanie Hart

Melanie is Digital Content Specialist/Editor at GFI Software. An eager blogger, fiery tweeter, and avid reader, Melanie is a self-confessed geek who finds solace in online FPS games.

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